What You May Want to Know about the Welsh Terrier

There are all kinds of terriers that you could choose from if you are looking for a dog to make up part of your family. Before making the final decision you may want to think about the Welsh Terrier.

The original purpose for this breed was for hunting and for specifically rodents, as well as foxes and badgers. They originated in Wales and they have earned the title of being the oldest dog breed in the UK. While the Welsh Terrier is well recognized as being an excellent breed of dog it is one that is waning on the show circuits.

When it comes to characteristics they are pretty well consistent with most of the other terriers. They are happy and wanting to please, but on occasion have been known to have a bit of an attitude. They are really great with kids of all ages, however due to their size and playfulness they sometimes tend to bowl the toddlers over as they enjoy pulling on pant legs.

With a good home life the Welsh Terrier can remain as a happy member of the family living an average age span of eleven to twelve years. They are not centered out for having any major health problems with the exception of two potential problems. One being with their eyes that can lead to secondary glaucoma, and the second problem being with weak and brittle nails.

If you are planning on bringing a Welsh Terrier into your home environment then be prepared to commit the time to the dog that it is going to need. Part of which will be regular exercise and plenty of play time. Plus, you will want to consider proper obedience training which is something that every dog breed is in need of. Once you have all these things in place get ready to thoroughly enjoy your Welsh Terrier.