Introducing the West Highland White Terrier

If someone tells you that they have a Westie as one of their family members than what they are really saying is they own a West Highland White Terrier.

For those that get to see this breed of dog most instantly fall in love with it. It has an all white coat which is quite harsh on the upper part yet particularly soft underneath. The breed originated from Scotland.

Originally the breed was created by mixing Scottish white Terriers with the Poltalloch Terrier. The West Highland White Terrier became so popular that is was finally recognized as a breed by the majority of kennel clubs back in 1908.

When it comes to dog showing a lot of different breeds do very well on the show circuits. Some countries seem to favor some breeds more than others. For the West Highland White Terrier, it certainly is one that is shown most often throughout the UK.

When comparing this particular breed to other Scottish terrier breeds one of the things that is noted about their stature is their longer legs. With all the fur that it possesses it comes across as looking round faced with short but adorable perky ears.

At one time the West Highland White Terrier was put to work at hunting rodents, although no longer used for this purpose this breed of dog has managed to wangle its way into the hearts of many dog lovers.

The size of the dog is perfect for the family setting and is not overpowering for small children. It has a pleasant nature and is credited for being very intelligent. Overall these dogs are noted for enjoying generally good health, with one exception. One potential condition that they are prone to is “westie jaw”. This is a bone over growth in the jaw area.