Have You Heard About the Irish Terrier?

Many countries are well recognized for the types of dog breeds that have resided there for many years. When it comes to Ireland it would have to be the Irish Terrier. As can be guessed by the name this particular breed is part of the Terrier family and is thought to be one of the oldest terrier breeds in existence.

For many years there was no separate class in the dog shows for the Irish Terrier. This all changed in 1873 when a new class just for it was developed. It was no wonder why as this particular breed held the fourth position in breed popularity within Ireland and the UK.

So when you lay eyes upon the Irish Terrier you are going to be greeted with a boisterous character with a red coat and a rectangular shape. You will immediately become aware of the power that this breed possesses yet any fears of this will be quickly extinguished after seeing the soft beautiful eyes that the dog has.

There is some variation in size between the males and females with the males being at about 48cm and many of the females being slightly larger than this coming in at 50cm.

Although the Irish Terrier is larger than some of the other breeds that fit into the family lifestyle it is still most acceptable. These dogs do require ongoing mental and physical exercising to keep them happy, healthy and out of trouble. For those who love to teach a dog tricks than the Irish Terrier makes for a good choice as they take well to agility training.

This is a breed of dog that you can consider as having good social skills as they do like to be around and interact with people. At the same time, they do know their manners and are not overly boisterous.