Going Back in Time with the English Bull Terrier

To really understand the English Bull Terrier it means looking at the name very carefully. The name in context means that this English breed of dog was crossed with the original old English bulldog and the different breeds of terriers. The end result was a new breed of dog that were delightful, smart and makes for a wonderful addition to the family.

There appears to have been an attempt to put some logic into this type of breeding. Those who instituted it wanted the breed to have enough of the Old English Bull Dog in it to be able to withstand bites from other animals when this new breed was being used for hunting. The terrier breed is known to have excellent hunting skills so the breeding of the two seemed to make sense.

Although the Old English Bull Terrier was well known for its fighting skills, the terriers were no slouches either. They possessed an intelligence and agility that blended well with the traits of the bulldog.

As time progressed and the breeding became more refined and was divided into categories. One produced the pure white bull terrier, while the other breeding tactics produced a collection of colors.

Once bull baiting was abolished this mixing of breeds began to dwindle as the main purpose for many of the bull terriers was for this purpose. As time evolved the traits that were being produced by the breeding mix took on a different look where the dogs being produced now were somewhat taller and heavier than those that were among the first of the new breed.

For those that want an English Bull Terrier to become part of the family it truly would be a good choice. However, it is important to get past the stigma that these dogs were bred for fighting purposes only.