Getting to Know the Lakeland Terrier

With there being so many Terrier breeds that make up the dog world it is hard to keep up with all of them. Once you have heard more about the Lakeland Terrier, however, it won’t be one that you soon forget about.

This particular breed of Terrier originated in England’s Lake district which is where it got its name from. This particular breed has a lot of great characteristics about it that many dog owners find most appealing. It is a mid sized dog that is friendly and outgoing and fits into the family atmosphere extremely well. Best of all for some is the dog does not shed. Making it a perfect choice for those who may have allergies. Interestingly enough is that the Lakeland Terrier is not one of the more popular dogs in the United States.

If you had to compare the Lakeland Terrier with one of the other Terrier breeds than its closest would be to the Welsh Terrier.

For those who are looking to make a canine addition to the family the traits of the dog they are considering is very important. The Lakeland Terrier really can come to the forefront as a good choice for the family. They are friendly by nature and are not skittish which means they have just the right level of confidence. They love to be part of the family but they are also independent which means they can be self-entertaining at times. They are easy to train but are known at times to ignore one’s commands if they have a mind to.

With all the traits that the Lakeland Terrier possesses it means that they must be played with and exercised routinely to keep them from getting bored. If this breed happens to become mischievous, then it is often as a result of lack of exercise.