Bringing a Maltese Terrier Into Your Home

When you first look at the Maltese Terrier it may conjure up a very common scene in your mind. The one where the wealthy woman struts about with her beloved pooch being carried protectively under her arm. The dog that you could say has all the makings of being totally spoiled.

Coming back to reality, however, this breed of dog is not just reserved for the elite. The Maltese Terrier fits in nicely with any loving family. With the long shaggy coat that it possesses, however, it does bring some extra grooming chores. These dogs are lovely to look at provided their coat is kept clean and well brushed.

One thing about this breed is that it doesn’t demand a lot of exercise, but it does need some so you will want a safe closed in play area for this. You also have to set the tone of the characteristics with the Maltese Terrier. If you are going to constantly indulge and spoil him then you are in for some trouble. You will end up with a dog that is troublesome, perhaps bad tempered and snappy. On the other hand, if you set the ground rules with the proper loving but firm training this dog will be a pure pleasure to own.

They are sensitive by nature so while your training has to be firm it needs to be gentle and consistent and in no way creating a stressful situation. Patience is also going to be a virtue on your part because they are well known for being difficult to house train.

Overall with the Maltese Terrier, you can expect it to be a small dog with good manners in regards to other people as well as other animals. Although it has a lot of fur the shedding is considered to be light.